Automotive OEM Plastic Class A Painting

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Sigma International is an expert Class A painter.  Class A surfaces are those parts of an automobile that the customer will see or touch. To reach the high standards of this classification, all automobile parts we paint are finished to harmonize with other mating parts. The decorated elements must – above all else – be defect free and have a very high tolerance for color, gloss and overall appearance finish.

The allowable tolerance for paint defects is very small, so the part has to be a very good surface color and finish.  Our rigorous quality standards meet Class A painting requirements and fulfill our customers’ expectations for flawless decorative elements in their automobile.

We use OEM automotive grade paints including both 1K and 2K paint systems, monocoat, 2-coat and 3-coat systems. We use a clean room environment and a good air handling system to ensure dust and contaminants do not deform the decorated automobile part. We take all necessary steps to get our customers the unblemished look they desire.


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