Automotive Fuel Filler Housing Assembly

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At Sigma International, we are always developing new products to meet our customer requirements. We are currently developing a capless fuel filler housing assembly, complete with housing and lid.

Eliminating the need to unscrew and screw fuel caps, our fuel filler housing assembly will prevent people from driving off from the gas station with their caps open. We will also provide automatic locking and unlocking of the fuel filler door with a key fob. This top-of-the-line fuel filler housing assembly will eliminate the cable system where a lever is pulled to open the fuel door. 


fuel filler housing assembly 1 sigma international  fuel filler assembly 2 sigma international


Sigma International makes fuel filler housing assemblies for a wide range of vehicles – from compact cars to full-sized trucks and SUVs. In addition to metal, we only use the best plastic materials for this process including polycarbonate and polypropylene. These plastics are durable and capable of withstanding exposure to gasoline.

To provide our customers with the highest quality fuel filler housing assembly available, we use our 2-shot molding process and superior material bonding technology while also maintaining tight control of flushness. We also provide assembly of the system. Call us today to learn more about Sigma International’s fuel filler housing assembly options.