Dimensional Graphics for Cars

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This type of construction is an alternative to injection molded, chrome plated plastic, especially for lower volumes, and gives designers the freedom to create a wide variety of three-dimensional badging or nameplate applications. This technology is also referred to as Kromex or Chromeweld. Design flexibility includes the use of shades, metallic, pearlescent, brushed and metalized bright finishes. Dimensional graphics can be created in a variety of unique cross-sections, thicknesses, textures, embossments, and gloss levels. Using automotive grade self-adhesive tape, these badges will adhere to any flat or curved surface.

Dimensional graphics have been put through rigorous testing and are resistant to long-term exterior exposure. Dimensional graphics provide versatility in design to allow badging and ornamentation to be created in single or multiple-piece formats. Dimensional graphics come pre-spaced with application tape, so even multi-piece designs are applied efficiently. Dimensional graphics offer maximum flexibility and performance, with typically lower cost and shorter tooling times.


   dimensional graphics red and silver sigma international

automotive dimensional graphics