Automotive Grilles

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Sigma International manufactures automotive grilles that provide both functionality and great brand appeal. While operating as an air vent, because of its size and location on the front of the vehicle, the design of a vehicle’s grille is an important brand identifier seen on virtually every type of vehicle. We will work with you to make sure your grilles meet your exact specifications. 

We specialize in small grilles and offer advanced features. Ask us about our newest developments in active grille shutters – they open and close to regulate air flow.

Sigma International’s design styles include:

  • Painted grilles
  • Chrome plated grilles
  • Grilles painted or molded in color with chrome surrounds
  • Grilles with hot stamped decoration
  • Grilles with badging suitable for lidar and radar applications                  

For customers with multiple decorative elements, we provide full assembly of all the ABS-manufactured elements. Sigma International has chrome and paint approvals for multiple OEMs.


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