Interior Automotive LED Lighting

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Interior lighting is critical to visual branding and will continue to expand and develop.

Light, with the contrast of darkness, can be used to create comfort ambience. The innovative use of ambient LEDs, coupled with new materials and advanced optic designs, are enabling stunning new design themes for automotive.

Sigma International’s extensive lighting experience centers on innovation. Our new cupholder design utilizing Total Internal Reflection (TIR) allows superior design opportunities and light extraction features for OEM Branding.

Our advanced process using Moldable Optical Silicone Offers advantages, such as:

  • Scratch resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for exterior applications
  • Simplifies assembly
  • Will not break when dropped
  • Can take high temperature, has high lumen capacity
  • Allows undercuts, negative draft angles
  • Encapsulate LEDs directly into light guide
  • Offers new lighting design approaches

Our dimensional 3D sill plates greet the driver-passenger with light. Semi-transparent chrome on interior trim, such as Transmissive PVD lit door trim and speaker grilles, offer a "chameleon" effect for lighting - transparent by day. With illuminated logos, LEDs and electronics can be "molded in" as part of the design, creating a robust, waterproof product that is suitable for interior (or exterior) applications. This allows for new design options with light efficiency. You will see these, for example, in seatback lighting where they provide impressive-focused lighting.

Additional interior LED applications are the floor console, instrument panel, and LED backlighting used in knobs, buttons and steering wheel logos. Ask us about our new patent pending.


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