Automotive Plastic Laser Etching

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The ideal automobile decorating process for precision details, laser etching cuts exact numbers, letters, and designs into interior automobile molded plastic parts

Laser etching is a high-quality feature that adds an extra layer of luxury and indulgence to even the smallest elements of an automobile’s interior. This process can be used on flat, dimensional or curved parts producing clear and permanent etchings.

Plastic & Chrome Etching for Molded Parts

This precise decorating capability can cut through three different layers of a decorative element: plastic, chrome, and paint. Laser etching is so precise, it can be used to remove paint in select areas of parts allowing light to bleed through the plastic when a light source is placed behind it.

This back-lit element is used to complete small buttons throughout an automobile including:

  • Radio
  • Air vents
  • Window control buttons

Laser etching is also an ideal decorative technique for light output in overhead lights creating a unique design feature.

Sigma International conforms to the highest standards of laser etching. Our processes and procedures are all IATF / ISO certified to ensure quality and repeatability for your laser etching requirements.

These etchings can then be layered with decorative paintchromingPVD, and printing.


Laser Etched Automobile Parts Laser Etched Automobile Parts