Automotive Multi-Shot Injection Molding

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Sigma International specializes in multi-shot and two-shot injection molding. Our years of experience, superior engineering and global footprint make us a natural choice when molding plastic parts for a variety of products in the medical, automotive and appliance industries.

Multi-shot plastic injection molding creates products with two or more plastic resins or colors molded in one operation. Using a rubber material called vulcanite with polypro or nylon, this efficient and cost-effective process is accomplished by injecting the thermoplastic into a closed mold, transferring it to mate with another mold-half, and injecting the second color or material around the first part.

Multi-shot and two-shot, or dual shot, injection molding results in multi-color, multi-material and multi-component parts. This technology allows Sigma International to produce a wider range of designs and more complex parts while reducing the cost. Additionally, multi-shot injection molding allows Sigma to create the soft-touch feel customers are looking for to replace hard plastic parts traditionally used for trim.   

We can build all of your multi-shot or two-shot products including: