Automotive OEM Chrome Painting

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After chrome plating, paint can be applied to an automobile part. Most often used for interior applications, Sigma International can match a customer’s paint color to create their exact brand emblem. 

Sigma International utilizes this process for brands such as Jeep, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler and Lincoln. Our work isn’t limited to cars. We also work with heavy trucks, recreational equipment, and boats.    

Paint over chrome for interior applications is a way to execute offset colors on both satin and bright chrome using selective paint finishes that ensure a perfect end product. This process comes with many color options making it a great decoration.

Using a paint mask, Sigma International can layer injection molding, chrome plating and paint over chrome resulting in exceptional components. Examples include steering wheel emblems and nameplates.


paint over chrome jeep emblem sigma international  painting over chrome