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Sigma International uses printing to decorate plastic components in our customer’s automobiles. We use both silkscreen printing and pad printing and can work with you to decide which printing process will yield the best result for your plastic component.

Pad Printing

Using the pad printing process, Sigma International transforms your 2D design into a 3D reality. Using pad printing to decorate automotive parts makes them identifiable and increases their usefulness for the end customer.

automotive pad & screen printing capabilities

Pad printing is a process by which ink is spread over a flat metal cliché, then a properly-shaped pad picks up the ink from the cliché and applies it to the design element’s surface. Pad printing creates informative design and interest on surfaces that are otherwise impossible to decorate. It is a popular option for automobile manufacturers looking to print on three dimensional, curved or uneven surfaces.

Pad printing is a cost-effective option and is ideal for small design patterns. This process is used to decorate parts such as small knobs and buttons. Stereo volume controls and climate controls typically use pad printing. We can use pad printing on all metals, stainless steel, fiberglass and plastic.

Silk Screen Printing

To achieve silk screen printing, ink is applied to the substrate by placing the screen over the material. Ink with a paint-like consistency is placed onto the top of the screen. The ink is then forced through the fine mesh opening using a squeegee that is drawn across the screen, applying pressure thereby forcing the ink through the open areas of the screen. Invented as a by-hand process, this decorative capability has been modernized and mechanized achieving a consistent result.

Silk screen printing is a quick process, providing decorative elements to our customers faster. Silk screen printing can be used on substrates of any shape, thickness and size.


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