Automotive OEM Decorative Trim Products

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We create beauty with a wide variety of stunning products to meet your needs. These include:

  • Mirror Skull Caps – decorative trim pieces around the exterior side view mirrors of your vehicle. These are produced with durable and long-lasting materials to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.
  • Exterior Bezels – unique products that can add decorative appeal to any vehicle, such as those around fog lamps or grilles.
  • Interior Decorative Trim – our interior decorative trim elements are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle, and provide that luxurious final touch for a comfortable driving experience. Each of the products comes in various finishes to help you choose the best one that matches your needs.
  • Nameplates – the focal point for brand recognition. We use high-quality materials and finishes to create the perfect nameplate that manifests your vision and brand identity.
  • Grilles – automotive grilles provide great appeal and functionality to your brand. We work closely with our customers to meet their exact specifications. Whether you are looking for painted grilles, grilles with hot stamped decoration, chrome plated grilles and more, we have the right product for you.
  • Dimensional Graphics – a perfect alternative to chrome plated plastic and provides designers the freedom to create different 3D badging or nameplate applications. Our dimensional graphics have been put through meticulous testing for better durability, strength and impressive performance.

Sigma International takes pride in its exceptional technologies. We integrate a customized approach in all of the products and services we provide, ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way. When you work with us, rest assured that you will have access to top-of-the-line products made from innovative materials in the market. Our expert engineering team allows us to develop stunning products from concept to production.