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     Our customer is Number One.

Our team is committed to continuously improving and adapting our business processes to maintain the highest customer satisfaction, quality, safety and integrity, while meeting our business objectives.

To achieve these goals, we have put in place globally recognized and accepted automotive industry quality processes and standards to ensure conformance of all our manufactured goods and services.

     Some of the test equipment we use in our quality lab:

  • Plating thickness tester
  • Thermo hygrostat & bull
  • Saw grind (adhesion)
  • Humidity chamber (adhesion)
  • Immersion cabinet (adhesion)
  • Step tester
  • Thermo cycle tester
  • Water-proofing tester
  • Sound Meter
  • CMM
  • Optical microscope
  • Stone chip test
  • Gloss meter for three-angle gloss measurement
  • Mylar film build measurement
  • CASS & Salt Spray Chambers
  • Macbeth SpectraLight Viewing Booth
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Metalographic Microscope for Dubpernell test
  • Coulometer

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