Automotive Vacuum Metalizing/PVD

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Sigma International’s use of PVD (physical vapor deposition) provides an alternative to chrome plating. Not only can this process apply transparent chrome (to create a chrome-by-day and colors-by-night look with the use of back-lit LEDs), but it also allows for a variety of metal finishes in different hues. We produce bright, satin, platinum and black finishes.

To produce this versatile effect, PVD uses a solid coating material including metals like titanium, chromium and aluminum. These materials are either evaporated by heat or by bombardments with ions, a process called sputtering, inside a chamber. At the same time, a reactive gas like nitrogen or a gas containing carbon, is added. This gas forms a compound with the metal vapor which is deposited on the automobile components in a thin, highly adherent coating.

PVD offers our customers many different color options while maintaining that classic chrome look your customers know and love. This technology allows us to achieve uniformity, even with extremely thin functional coatings.

Sigma International uses PVD to decorate interior components like bezels and speaker rings and exterior elements like lamp bezels. This process can be successfully applied to both metals and plastics. It is particularly useful for parts that are difficult to plate due to their complex shape yet still require a high degree of quality.

Sigma International also uses PVD for steering wheel trim, IP clusters, air vent surrounds, speaker grilles and interior knobs and buttons.


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